Get Into Islam  is to help you brothers understand your roll as men and why that roll is so Important. Men you have a important roll as a father, son, brother, uncle, etc. Men if you were fatherless, hurt, not providing for your child or children, mistreated, used or sold drugs, not on your deen, mixed up in fornication, etc. Men change your lifestyle, move away if you have to and start a life that is pleasing to the one and only true God, Allah (swt). Here you will be taught parenting and responsibility, what it is to be a father and what the word father means. Get Into Islam has all the tools you need to build a strong relationship with Allah, how to self motivate, eat healthy, maintain and conduct a good home setting, and create good healthy friendships. Please understand all these things will come by submitting yourself to Allah and applying the Qur'an to your life. This is for seekers of faith, brothers that are new and brother that are old. You will learn how to control your body and not fall into temptation. Men, women depend on you on you to do the right thing in this world. Men are the biggest roll models in this world. Have you men ever thought about that? Not just roll models for children, but role models for the world which includes women. For women men you are their comfort and their security. Men lets build a better relationship with Allah for yourselves and once self is together, everything will fall in order. Your roll and responsibility as a father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friendship will kick in. Instead of working on being ignorant and not wanting to know anything. Lets work on wanting to know and getting out the grave of ignorance. Men you are the future, but if the killing of young males continue it will be a catastrophe among the race of men. Men will be extinct if men don't take a stand now and start living the way God wants men to. Men build a world that is safe for your children. You can start that by doing the right thing and helping your brother to do the right thing as well. Here you will learn how to do that. There will drug and alcohol classes, parenting classes, classes on romance, anger management, and more. 


 Get Into Islam is to encourage females to Get Out The Hole that they are in. If you were molested, abused, raped, used drugs, sold your body, have low self esteem, insecure, etc. I am begging you to Get Out The Hole of letting these things control your life and Get Into Islam. Get into Islam is for females who are curious about Islam, females who are new to Islam and for females who are already a part of Islam. This is a Sisterhood. A Sisterhood that loves Allah to the fullest. This website is designed to help each and every female that comes across this website to have a better relationship with Allah. A sisterhood helping each other to draw close or closer to Allah. Lets help each other to be better wives, better mothers, better sisters, better daughters, better granddaughters, better nieces, better aunts, better cousins, better friends and most of all a better strangers. Lets lose weight together, laugh together, cry together, pray together, and lets go through the Qur'an together. We are sisters sticking together. Get Into Islam represents Love, Unity, Togetherness, Friendship, and Understanding. Here you will learn how to find real true comfort in the one and only true God, "Allah!" Open your mind and humble your hearts seeker of faith, new sisters and old sisters and let the love of the one and only true God condition your hearts. Here you will learn how to pray in Arabic, you will learn Arabic phrases that are used daily, the books of the Qur'an with the meaning and pronunciation and break down of each chapter, you will learn how to read the Qur'an in Arabic step by step, there will be teaching from the, Hadith and much more. We {referring to other sister and myself} will try to cover every single thing leaving nothing out. We are not scholars! We are sisters who live strictly by the teachings of our creator of this world. We are sisters helping sisters and we love you. 


 Get Into Islam is to inform boys and girls that being a Muslim can be lot of fun. Some kids think that being a Muslim is boring or something to be shame of. Well that is not the case. Muslim children have fun all the time. This website is designed for children who want to become Muslim and for children who are Muslim. Here you will see how Muslim children have fun. You will see how they pray, how they read the Qur'an and how they dress. Being a Muslim is the best for children, because it teaching how to praise and worship the one and only true God. Every child needs there fear of God in there heart. It is very essential that each child has that. Here you will learn responsibility and respect and how it is a major role in your life, how to make pretty hair and headbands for your hair, how to cook and make quick meals that work, how to clean fast and easy, how to take care of your body, hair and nails, how to speak and write in Arabic. You will learn what it is to be a big sister and big brother, you will learn why you shouldn't listen to music, watch certain TV shows, and much much more.