About Us

My Background

 My name is Shanell and I am from New Orleans, La. I grew up with both of my parents, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. I am a naturous person and I love to walk outside and enjoy the sunshine and listen to the birds sing. I am reclusive yet sociable at the same time. I love earth-tone colors.  

My Faith

 I am Muslim and I believe there is only one God, 1 human race and 1 color blood that we as human bleed. I love all no matter the race or religion because I know that a person will not be into anything if they did not believe it to be true and everlasting life for them. With that being said I do not convert nor do I condemn. However I do convey. I nice to be kind to your neighbors and try your best to help those in your community. 

My Involvement

 I am a arts and craft teacher for the seniors, I do at times give out none perishable food bags to the homeless that are at red lights with a bottle of water.