Up coming Drives

Blanket, Gloves, Hat, Windbreaker, and Snack Drive for the Homeless (December 2018)

  • Welcome to our Winter Drive for the homeless in Houston and New Orleans. 

Coat Donations for Houston (December 2018)

Lets help single mothers, fathers or just a family in need to get a coat for their child. New coats and newly used coats are needed as this winter approaches. Coats will be given out in neighborhood's 

Pencil, Pen and Paper Drive (Restock Jan. 2019)

With pen, pencil and paper a child can always be prepared for school. $1 is all we are asking for this. $1 can go a long way. We all know a pack of pencils is $1. So is a pack of pens and paper. When buying in bulks you get a better deal.

Feed the Homeless

Feed the homeless where ever you are. Feeding the homeless has never been so easy before. You can donate and/or you can do it yourself. 


Back packs for children (Aug 2019)

The Drive is only for the beginning of the school year for children in the neighborhood. surrounding masjid Hamza and El-Forouq